$60,000 - $100,000 Base Pay
$10,000 Paid Professional Development
$10,000 Performance Bonus Program
Up to 4 Weeks PTO (equiv)

This is a full-time position
working remotely


Who is Brand Theory?

We’re an outsourced growth team for B2B SaaS brands.

Our promise: To help our clients stop wasting time and money on marketing that simply doesn’t work. With our proprietary growth framework, SaaS founders build a repeatable, profitable, scalable customer acquisition system, so they can achieve exponential revenue growth and maximum valuation. In other words—real results.


Who are we looking for?

We’re building the marketing team of the future. One that optimizes technology, process, and best-in-class talent to take deserving B2B SaaS brands to the promised land.

We’re looking for team players who:

  •  Take pride in being the best at what they do
  •  Aren’t just order takers, but want to take our work to the next level
  •  Are constantly looking for a competitive advantage
  •  Are continuously improving their skills (and want to get paid for it!)
  •  Have built something on their own (a business, a following, a book...)
  •  Are obsessed with efficiency and thrive on streamlined processes
  •  Enjoy the flexibility of remote work, but always deliver on time
  •  Aren’t satisfied until our clients win

Most of all, we’re looking for a combination of talent and ambition. Those who are hungry for more than the typical marketing gig has to offer, and who support our daily mission to be wildly efficient and ridiculously effective.

We expect you to deliver your very best work consistently to create wins for clients. As part of a tight-knit, peak-performing growth team, we expect you to help us continuously learn, improve, and build our future as a company.


Required Skills & Experience

If this sounds like you, you’re a great fit:

  •  Exceptional writing skills
  •  Impeccable grammar
  •  Understands how to craft successful blog content
  •  Understands conversion copy (landing pages, emails, etc.)
  •  Working knowledge of SEO and keyword research
  •  Follows processes to the tee
  •  Working knowledge of ClickUp or other project management tools
  •  Working knowledge of social media marketing
  •  Minimum 2 years of content marketing experience.
  •  Working knowledge of Conversion Rate Optimization
  •  Comfortable meeting with clients through video conferences
  •  Knowledge of brand positioning
  •  Working knowledge of HubSpot (or commitment to learn it) is a must
  •  High-level task management and time management skills
  •  Attention to detail and high percentage of error-free work
  •  Firm grasp of English with the ability to write, edit, and speak the language 


You’re an even better fit if you know:

  •  HubSpot (CRM, CMS, Marketing, Sales)
  •  Semrush
  •  Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  •  Figma
  •  ClickUp
  •  html & CSS

What’s in it for you?

No boring work. No dysfunctional workflow. No dead end job. 

This is a fast-moving environment where every team member loves their job.

And, when you’re actively contributing to the company’s growth, the company should be actively contributing to YOUR growth. 

Here’s what YOU can expect as a valuable member of our team:

  •  You play a vital role in growing the company
  •  You help develop our processes 
  •  You help shape our deliverables
  •  You get rewarded ($) for hitting efficiency targets
  •  You get paid ($) to complete professional development activities
  •  You have paid ($) time off
  •  You have a clear and focused workload every week
  •  You don’t waste time in endless meetings
  •  You design your own schedule
  •  You learn the growth framework that scales B2B SaaS brands
  •  You learn what it takes to attract new business and grow an agency
  •  You maintain the most up-to-date skills in the industry
  •  You have ongoing opportunities to advance your position and pay ($)

What makes it all work? An unwavering commitment to growth. For our clients. For our company. And for our team members.

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, let’s talk.